Bolz-Summix: Kilo-Lab Conical Vacuum Dryer-Mixer

April 28, 2010
Bolz-Summix: Kilo-Lab Conical Vacuum Dryer-Mixer

During research and development when only a few grams of a new substance are available, the equipment that was available to R&D Centers was just too big for these very small product amounts, reliable attempts or simulations of drying and mixing could not be properly carried out.

This machine matches the special requirements in the lab with regard to the software program data recording, measurement points, outfit and use, and offers modular design, maximum flexibility and mobility, applications can be carried out on drying processes under vacuum and other procedures such as mixing and homogenizing, degassing, moistening and so forth. All process data points can be evaluated, re-appraised and available for the necessary Scale-Up calculations. All necessary PAT instruments and measuring elements are available, so that the lab dryer-mixer is configured to a production machine in every way.

The other key benefits of this design are as follows:

- 150ml to 1500ml small scale volume

- Interchangeable mixing systems of either orbiting arm or central shaft for evaluation/comparison of different   mixing technologies

- Plastic vessel option to view mixing.

-The proven conical design guarantees a free unobstructed, complete discharge of the valuable products.

- The unit’s small size was designed to allow for easy fit inside of a ventilation or containment booth in the lab.

- Direct scale up.