Rapid Micro Biosystems: Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Increase Productivity

May 19, 2010
Rapid Micro Biosystems: Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Increase Productivity

Features of the Growth Direct System
Rapid Micro Biosystems advanced imaging technology delivers microbial enumeration results days sooner than current culture tests. Our non-destructive test is compatible with all microbial identification systems.

This results in manufacturing cost savings and increased productivity for manufacturers.

  • CCD-based imaging system - Uncover results faster than the human eye
  • Integrated reporting software
  • Automated sample handling and bar-code based sample tracking 
  • Two integrated incubators - Enables separate/dual temperature methods
  • 21 CFR Part 11 security and audit trail features
  • Easy to use -  Growth Cassette™ products have standard media and membranes

Benefits of the Growth Direct system
Rapid enumeration with the Growth Direct system enables manufacturers to make timely cost saving decisions and reduce inventory carrying expenses by providing results days sooner than the current test method.

Savings derived from faster test turnaround include the following:

  • Reduced product losses
  • More rapid identification of process contaminants
  • Earlier release of quarantined inventory
  • Reduced labor cost through automating sample processing, analysis, and report generation.

The result of using Growth Direct is a projected positive return on investment in as little as one year. The test addresses all major applications in pharmaceutical microbiology including: water, environmental (surface & air), in-process bioburden and final product testing.