Lock Inspection Systems: Metal Detectors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

July 8, 2010
Lock Inspection Systems: Metal Detectors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The INSIGHT PH is the culmination of many months of development.

A growing trend within in the pharmaceutical industry is the integration of production and inspection machinery to enable safe, efficient manufacture and packaging of potent preparations.  LOCK continues to blaze the trail for easy integration, and the INSIGHT PH is offered with advanced plug and play architecture featuring an array of new communications options – USB, SCADA, WIRELESS and STANDARD ETHERNET - designed to meet the requirements of both systems integrator and manufacturer to equal degree.

In conformance with GMP, the INSIGHT PH is designed and constructed in compliance with 21 CFr Parts 210 and 211 and is now sealed to IP66/NEMA 4X. It is compatible with all leading tablet presses and dedusters while detecting metal at throughputs up to 30,000 units per minute and rejecting contaminated material using a variety of reject options including Wash-In-Place and Dust-Tight.

Performance enhancing benefits are the result of an Integrated Digital Head and advanced OPTIX detector management software. They include higher sensitivity to all metal types along with improved stability to vibration and complex product signals.

INSIGHT PH is delivered with an all new Vario-Line frame that offers a full range of line heights combining standard, lo-line and hi-line variants on one frame and offers improved manoeuvrability from a reduced footprint. A choice of new user friendly HMIs are available (membrane or colour touchscreen options are available) incorporating DDS (Direct Digital Signal) viewer, and the INSIGHT PH is operable in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment upon delivery.