New Ross Double Planetary Mixer

March 27, 2013
New Ross Double Planetary Mixer with Special Finger Blades
Ross introduces a new agitator blade design for their line of Double Planetary Mixers. Pictured is a 100-gallon model equipped with two identical rectangular stirrers with upward rake fingers. Designed to rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel on a common axis, these style blades are ideal for batching dry powder blends, wet granulations and similar formulations in the Double Planetary Mixer. Interchangeable helical blades are available as options and allow the mixer to be utilized for viscous pastes and putty-like materials. 
The NEMA 4X control panel shown on this particular mixer includes a 6” color touch screen linked to a 30HP Variable Frequency Drive. Speed, power load and cycle time are all controlled and displayed from this screen. Two-hand raise/lower controls for the air/oil hydraulic lift are also located on the panel for opening and closing the mixer. With the blades in the fully raised position, they are completely accessible for easy cleaning while the portable mix can is removed from under the mixer and rolled into the discharging area. The vessel is supplied with lift trunnions so it can be raised and tilted for fast transfer of the finished product. 
Maintenance and risk of product contamination are very low in a Double Planetary Mixer as there are no shaft seals, bearings, packing glands and stuffing boxes submerged in the product zone. Available in both industrial and sanitary configurations, the Double Planetary Mixer is built from half-pint to 750-gallon capacities.