QF1200CV Compact Version Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Feb. 9, 2015

Quattroflow™, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a leading brand of positive displacement quaternary diaphragm pumps for the biopharmaceutical industry, is pleased to announce the introduction of its QF1200CV (Compact Version) Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pump to its family of biotech and pharmaceutical pumps. This innovative pump system features a compact design and the ability to satisfy a wide variety of flow-rate requirements, which makes it ideal for use in tabletop and clean room applications.

Based on Quattroflow’s QF1200 pump, the new QF1200CV model features an innovative space-saving design that integrates the pump chamber, pump drive, motor and control box into one unit. The elimination of a separate control box gives the QF1200CV a more compact design so less space for the pump is needed. This design makes the pump ideal for lab applications that require a smaller pump model. QF1200CV pumps also feature a wide flow range from 10 to 1,200 L/hr (2.64 to 317 gph).

Additional features and benefits of the new QF1200CV model includes:
• Easy “Plug and Pump” installation and startup with one power cable
• Wider range of flow rates than standard QF1200 model
• Single-phase 230V motor
• Availability in Multiple-Use of Single-Use options
• Machined polypropylene (PP) or injection-molded polyethylene (PE) materials of construction for Single-Use models
• Clean-In-Place/Steaming-In-Place (CIP/SIP) and autoclavability for Multiple-Use models
• Autoclavability for PP Single-use models