Gamajet Changes Product Name to Aseptic-1

Jan. 8, 2010

Dan Meyer the current chairman of 3-A recently placed a congratulatory call to Gamajet Cleaning Systems on their latest authorization of the 3-A symbol for their once named, Gamajet IIIA. This rotary impingement tank-cleaning device is the first ever to receive such authorization. Chairman Meyer’s one concern was that the name itself might cause confusion amongst buyers, being as it is so closely related to the 3-A organization’s name. In compliance, Gamajet changed the product’s name from Gamajet IIIA to Aseptic-1.

The Aseptic-1 is an automated tank cleaning device, designed for permanent installation and to provide true germ and bacteria-free cleaning. Like all Gamajet machinces, the Aseptic-1 utilizes Gamajet’s patented rotary impingement process. This cleaning process is often more efficient than other processes but mechanically did not adhere to 3-A standards on its own. Gamajets engineers were able to alter the mechanical design while maintaining the main operating principles to not only meet but exceed most sanitary standards. This breakthrough in technology amazed regulatory officials. With nothing else like it, this remarkable Aseptic-1 stands to revolutionize the tank cleaning processes in sanitary environments. To more about Gamajet’s sanitary line, visit Gamajet's website at