New Technologies: Valves, Pumps, and Fluid Control

June 30, 2011
A product round-up of valves, pumps and other fluid control devices.
The following is a summary of new products on the market for both processing and industrial applications: Among the features of the new 650 TL series valve from Gemu
, for WFI loop management, is that it allows for manual operation at the point of use with remote override control. The primary aim is to help prevent excessive demand on the water loop while also protecting operators from injury due to hot water exposure during sanitizing, the company says. An inductive limit switch confirms the closed position prior to operation.ITT Pure-Flo’s new Pure-Life NGE Grade E1 diaphragms feature advanced technology in elastomer science, the company says. They have been developed specifically for applications where longer service is critical, having been tested in extreme conditions at ITT’s own labs and at biopharma end users. The E1 diaphragm will extend time between shut downs, ITT says, providing an overall lower cost of ownership.Spirax Sarco h
as introduced CVS10 sanitary check valves , which are intended to prevent reverse flow and thus reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination in pharma and biopharma applications. Sizes range from ½- to 2-inch. The valves conform to ASME BPE standards, and come with a metal seat (for clean and pure steam/condensate applications) or a soft seat (for high purity water and WFI). Swagelok now offers the RHPS series PRV model proportional relief valves
, for venting of overpressures for piping systems up to 1 inch. “Valve operation is smooth, opening gradually and reseating accurately in proportion to the increase and decrease in pressure over the set opening pressure,” the company says. Body, trim, and spring housing are constructed of 316L stainless steel, while seats and seals can be fluorocarbon or nitrile. The company’s RHPS series also includes new spring-loaded regulators for control of gas and liquid pressures in sanitary systems. Operating temperature range is -31°F to 284° F.

U.K.’s Aesica recently selected Buck split butterfly valves from GEA Pharma Systems for the contained transfer of potent powders at its new high-containment facility in Queenborough. The valves were chosen for their high containment levels and ease of use, Aesica said.

Moyno’s new low-shear Sanitary Pump
has been designed for simplified CIP. The company explains: “The suction housing is equipped with an additional sanitary connection to accept flow bypass piping and valves. During CIP operation, cleaning solution passes through the pump, washing the internal parts clean, while excess liquid is routed through the flow bypass line and back into the piping downstream of the pump.”
Proportional media valves are used in low-friction, high-speed applications. Festo has introduced the pneumatic VZQA  for the fast regulation and metering of granules and liquids. The valves work in conjunction with proportional pressure regulators and an intelligent control system to reduce compressed air consumption and energy usage.Busch USA h
as begun offering the Dolphin LX B series liquid ring vacuum pumps . The single-stage pumps are suitable for wet or corrosive applications.Watson-Marlow’s 520Di dispensing pump
is for metering, dosing and transferring of sensitive fluids in biopharma. It is suited for filtration, fermentation, and dispensing applications, and accepts eight different tubing materials and varied flow rates and pressures.
Meissner’s BioFlex line of fluid path assemblies (photo) is designed for secure fluid transfer in varied biopharmaceutical processing applications, including conventional stainless and hybrid environments. The gamma-irradiated assemblies can also be integrated with Meissner sterilizing-grade filter capsules.