Integra 320

July 1, 2015

Full Name: Integra 320

 Marchesini Group

Status: Ready for high-capacity packaging proces

Debut: August, 2014

Field Position: High speed large, commercial packaging environments

Skill Set: Integration of primary and secondary packaging process for faster set up and production tempo

Performance Stats:
• Up to 320 blisters and more than 260 cartons a minute
• Two standard forming reels: one for the reel in use and one for the spare reel, cuts down on operator involvement
• System pre-configured to fit a number of combined infeed units to make feasible product change-over operations easier 

Regulatory Profile: Complies with all applicable cGMP standards.

Coach’s Notes: “Innovative, ergonomic, designed to be installed in rooms with different class, and to save time and costs. The new integrated robotized blister line is a mix of innovation and the best of Italian packaging technology. Its new machine pitch control system, new cartoning section and innovative carton-opening and product-insertion system contribute to boosting production performance up to 320 blisters and more than 260 cartons a minute. All this is incorporated in a very small footprint, thanks to the integration of the blister thermoforming and carton packaging phases in a compact line."

Scout’s Notes: "The product infeed unit is easily fitted in place without tools. The parts have quick-lock couplings to make replacement and assembly work quicker and more accurate. The machine is supplied pre-arranged to fit a number of combined infeed units which makes product change-over operations easier. All the parts are designed so that the product flows easily and smoothly: each step is made with positive motion to avoid obstructions or blind spots. The dust extraction system has plenty of suction points distributed in a capillary manner right along the machine."

Team Resources: Founded by Massimo Marchesini in 1974 in Pianoro, Italy, Marchesini Group is a leader in the supply of complete lines and machines for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. Sales turnover of the entire Group amounted to 206,5 million Euro in 2013, with 1200 employees (500 direct and 700 between group companies and foreign branches), 14 manufacturing divisions, 7 acquired companies, one company partner, a network of 20 agencies and 11 branch offices.