May 29, 2015

Full Name: AdvantaPass

 AdvantaPure, NewAge Industries

Status: Patented, ready to bring enhanced single-use efficiencies to fluid transfer

Debut: 2014

Field Position: Critical fluid transfer points between controlled environments

Skill Set: AdvantaPass combines single-use tubing, connectors and seals with permanent, wall-mounted stainless steel components to eliminate cleaning validations associated with clean room protocols.

Performance Stats:
• Cost savings over other pass-through methods that involve multiple moving parts and frequent maintenance
• Customizable to accommodate multiple tubing ports, environmental purge ports, and clean room wall thicknesses including floor-to-ceiling conveyance
• A choice of Single-Use components in platinum-cured silicone or AdvantaFlex biopharmaceutical grade TPE

Regulatory Profile: Engineered for GMP environments and proactively compliant operations.

Coach’s Notes: “AdvantaPass is unique from two important perspectives to the user,” says Tony Butler, manager, AdvantaPure Single-Use Systems. “First, it incorporates single-use disposable fluid transfer and isolation barrier components, thus eliminating cleaning validation issues between product transfer processes. Secondly, AdvantaPass can handle multiple fluid transfer lines without compromising the isolation barrier. Other pass-through systems can only manage one line at a time, when correctly installed, without jeopardizing the barrier.”

Scout’s Notes: "AdvantaPass is the first system of its kind to offer complete isolation between manufacturing environments when transferring multiple lines of fluid through a single wall portal. The technology offers a practical, safe, secure and easy way to move large volumes of liquids from one room to another while maintaining separate atmospheres and minimizing cross contamination risks."

Team Resources: The AdvantaPure division of NewAge Industries is ISO 9001:2008 certified and specializes in high purity tubing, hose, single use systems, manifolds, and other molded components for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, beverage, and cosmetic industries. All products are manufactured, stored, and shipped using the cleanest methods possible to ensure unsurpassed product purity.