Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

Aug. 2, 2004
All-Plastic Switch Offers Economical, Accurate Level Detection
The Pointek CLS 100 capacitance point level switch is now available in an all-plastic model.  The new model has a thermoplastic polyester enclosure, and integrated polyphenylene sulfide process connection and sensing probe.  It is a compact, two-wire capacitance switch for level detection in confined spaces, and can be used in liquid/liquid interface, solid, liquid, slurry and foam applications.  The device applies an Inverse Frequency approach to capacitance technology.  A variable frequency oscillator registers a change in capacitance as a change in frequency.  The device makes small changes in frequency easy to detect, improving accuracy and resolution. It can be used in vessels and piping, and its probe is chemically resistant, with an effective process operating temperature range from -40 to 212 degrees F.  When used with a SensGuard protective cover, the device can be protected from shearing, impact and abrasian in tough process applications.  The device is also available with a stainless steel process connection, together with a PPS or PVDF probe.