Thermo Electron Corp.

Aug. 2, 2004
New Raman Spectrometer Unveiled
The Nicolet Almega XR, Thermo Electron's latest dispersive Raman spectrometer, features non-contact, nondestructive analysis of both microscopic and macroscopic samples in a customizeable, research-grade spectroscopic instrument.The device features a user-friendly interface that provides full control of system components and real-time experiment feedback. Nicolet Almega XR software, meanwhile, can identify unknown spectra by accessing databases of over 15,000 compounds, the manufacturer says.Raman spectra offer highly specific chemical information. New OMNIC Atlus 7 software automates the collection of spatially-resolved spectra, allowing chemical heterogeneity to be visualized and compared to visual features.The new device is most adept at Raman analysis of very small samples, with reduced interfering fluoresence. Automation of critical operations, including calibration, alignment, laser switching and grating control, remove subjectivity from analysis and save valuable laboratory time.