Cognex Corp.

March 24, 2005
.Net Support Available for VisionPro PC Vision Software
Cognex Corp. has adapted its VisionPro PC vision software supports the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET programming environment. VisionPro users can easily integrate third-party .NET objects into their vision applications and readily integrate vision applications with their automation system.VisionPro with Visual Studio .NET allows system integrators, OEMs, and manufacturing engineers to speed the development of advanced vision applications in the following ways:
  • Vision applications can be easily merged with motion control, I/O, and factory communications

  • Custom tools can be developed and then seamlessly integrated with VisionPro tools

  • Third-party utilities such as databases and charting functions can be rapidly incorporated into vision applications.
VisionPro has been widely accepted by a broad range of users as the PC-based vision system of choice for the most challenging machine vision applications. The extensive vision tool library provides reliable and repeatable performance and the VisionPro acquisition engine supports a wide variety of Cognex frame grabbers and industrial camera options.