Caliper Life Sciences

Feb. 11, 2005
Workstation Puts Liquid Handling Control at Your Fingertips

The Sciclone ALH 3000 Workstation from Caliper automates a wide array of research and diagnostic applications, from Genomic and Proteomic Sample Preparation to Bio-Molecular and Cell Based Screening Assays. The ALH 3000
offers an open and modular design, excellent liquid handling capabilities, and many added functionalities. To view an online tutorial on this product, click here.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use software provides excellent liquid handling control, and facilitates the use of multiple options and accessories to enable the full automation of protocols. Among these are three interchangeable 96/384 pipetting heads covering a volume range from 100 nanoliters to 200 microliters, an independent 8 channel pipettor for single well access, and bulk reagent dispense modules for efficient reagent broadcasting. Added accessories such as the Sciclone Gripper, microplate shaker, positive pressure filtration system, temperature controlled locators, and more allow true walk-away automation.

The modular design of the Sciclone enables numerous combinations of pipetting options and accessories to perfectly meet the needs of a given application, and should the unit be required to support multiple applications, or if demands on the unit change over time, it can be easily reconfigured to meet those changing needs.

Key Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art liquid handling performance with excellent reproducibility
  • A complete liquid handling workstation that enables the full automation of many different life science protocols
  • Outstanding modularity and scalability that enables your investment to grow with you over time, as your needs evolve
  • The ability to provide 96 and 384 channel pipetting, plus single well access through an independent 8-channel pipettor, plus bulk reagent dispensing all in one configuration, eliminating the need for multiple liquid handling devices.
  • The ability to easily attach subsets of disposable tips, including rows and columns for both row-wise and column-wise serial dilutions
  • Swap-on-the-fly pipetting arrays that enable switching between 96 or 384 well pipetting, as well as fixed tips or disposable tips, all within one uninterrupted protocol
  • An integrated bulk dispense capability enabling more efficient assay assembly, greater speed, throughput, and improved assay performance
  • An integrated gripper that offers 100% grip confirmation, and can hold a plate-lid while the instrument simultaneously carries out pipetting operations.
  • And much more...
Options & Accessories:
  • Three interchangeable multi-channel pipetting modules
    • ALH-HV module - 96 channel disposable tips, 1-200ul
    • ALH-LV module - 96 or 384 channel, fixed or disposable tips, 0.5 Ð25ul
    • ALH-NL module - 96 or 384 channel, fixed tip, 0.1-5ul
  • Z-8 pipettor module with eight independent channels for single well/tube access
  • Bulk reagent dispense modules for efficient reagent broadcasting
  • Multiple 96 and 384 pipetting arrays
  • Automation certified pipette tips
  • Microplate shaker
  • Ultrasonic wash station
  • On-line fill reservoir
  • Temperature controlled locators
  • Foil plate piercing array
  • Positive pressure filtration system
  • 1536 deck locators
  • iBlock™ table
  • Other standard and custom accessories
Sample Applications:Drug Screening
  • Plate replication and reformatting
  • Bio-molecular and cell based screening assays
  • ADMET Screening
  • ELISA's
Genomics & Proteomics
  • DNA/RNA extraction and purification
  • PCR/Sequencing set-up and clean-up
  • SNP Mapping
  • Protein fractionation
  • Protein digestion and MALDI spotting
  • Protein crystallization
  • Yeast-two hybrid assays