Symbion Systems

Feb. 23, 2005
Software Offers Analytical Instrument Connectivity, Compliance and Control
Two new software products for analytical instrument connectivity, compliance, and control are available from Axiom Analytical and Symbion Systems. Symbion-RX is the first standardized PAT software package for pharmaceutical process analysis. Symbion-LX is completely up-to-date and yet economical software for laboratory and process development operation of all spectrometers. These products will be on display at Pittcon, booth 4513.Symbion-RX operates most spectrometers and many other process analytical instruments while providing the all of the capabilities required for on-line analysis along with the safeguards important to pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is based directly on the Symbion-DX Process Analytical Software Suite. However, in contrast to Symbion-DX, the -RX version is specifically tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, it adds a number of features designed to streamline the validation of manufacturing processes by making compliance as automatic as possible and minimizing the need for supplementary standard operating procedures.Symbion-RX shares many of the advanced features of Symbion-DX, including:
  • Standardized control and networking of multiple instruments and sample systems.

  • Standardized SQL data format

  • Standardized chemometrics interface

  • Real-time trending of predictions and other process variables

  • Rapid applications development

  • Transparent interfacing to data historians and other systems

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
Symbion-LX is a universal analytical instrument software suite tailored to the needs of laboratory analysis and process development. It is essentially three programs in one. First, it paves the way for streamlining and networking laboratory activities by providing a common operational and data management format for diverse instruments. Second, it provides an easy migration path from development to on-line process monitoring through its compatibility with Symbion-DX and -RX. Third, it provides an economical means for viewing and analyzing both spectroscopic and time-dependent data collected by means of Symbion-DX and -RX process analysis programs.Symbion-LX shares many of the features of Symbion-DX and -RX, including the capability for rapid applications development, standard interfacing to third party programs and data systems, and 21 CFR, Part 11 compliance.