Setra Systems

March 10, 2005
Ultra-Low Pressure Documenting Calibrator for Critical Environments
Setra Systems is introducing the new Micro-Cal Model 869, Ultra-Low Pressure Documenting Calibrator at Interphex 2005, booth 2640. The new calibrator has been specifically designed for air handling processes in critical environments that require portable, high accuracy and low-pressure documenting calibration to certify pressure needs. The Model 869 easily provides this capability by performing calibration checks on sensors with accuracies as high as .00025 in. W.C. Traditional laboratory bench top calibration units are only accurate to .0004 in. W.C., and require at least one full hour to run calibration checks on one unit. To correctly perform on-site tests, many of these basic units need multiple components, such as pressure indicators and generators, voltage and current meters, and data loggers.The new Micro-Cal was engineered to be portable, lightweight and compact for use in cramped or remote locations. This battery-powered unit provides a minimum of 8 hours of operation, while giving a pressure reading accuracy close to .0001 in. W.C, with fast, stable and repeatable pressure generation better than .0003 in. W.C. Setra claims recorded calibration times are as fast as 5 minutes per unit, saving time and service costs.Setra will also be introducing the Model 269, Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer, designed specifically for pharmaceutical environments, with a standard accuracy of ±0.15% FS for better resolution in critical environments.  The unit is offered in Base Mount or DIN Rail versions, minimizing installation time with its easy-to-access pressure ports and electrical connections.Additional features include a removable process head, which increases ease-of-use by eliminating the need to cut tubes, and a detachable terminal block, so field wiring can remain in situ during calibration.  The Model 269 is calibration-secure, requiring a calibration key for making zero and span adjustments. An electro-pneumatic interface enables multi-featured automatic calibration with Setra’s Micro-Cal Model 869.