EnVision Instruments

June 2, 2004
Fermentation Monitor Features Foundation Fieldbus
EnVision Instruments, LLC recently released a Foundation fieldbus version of its Model CDP Fermentation Monitor. This is the first and only Foundation fieldbus cell density monitor available for fermentation and cell culture process monitoring. The instrument installs directly in the reactor, allowing for real-time information on cell growth. The small 12mm diameter sensor design is ideal for scalability between benchtop R&D, pilot plant, and manufacturing environments. In the benchtop/process development scale, the CDP can be used to optimize the growth environment and yields for processes undergoing study. For the pilot plant, the CDP offers the ability to validate repeatability during scale up with real-time data. In the manufacturing plant, the CDP can be used to monitor for consistent, repeatable performance of the cell growth and ideal timing of transfers during the harvest cycle. It can also be used as an early warning system to monitor for deviations from the normal growth phase. Due to the nature of the Foundation fieldbus communication protocol, users can now completely and automatically verify proper operation of the device while in service without any interaction with the instrument. This version of the CDP enables fully-digital direct communication with advanced reactor control systems such as the Delta VTM based BioNet system from Broadley-James.The integral loop-powered two-wire sensor/transmitter design of the Model CDP eliminates the need for a separate, bulky transmitter and dramatically reduces installation costs. The entire integral device is contained in a package that weighs less than two pounds. The sensor can be directly mounted into the headplate of a reactor or used with standard fermenter process fittings such as those offered by Broadley-James.The windowless NIR absorbance sensor design can monitor up to 500 OD. The sensor is autoclavable and suitable for CIP/SIP.