Axsun Technologies

June 29, 2005
NIR Microspectrometers Offer Extended Wavelength Range

Axsun Technologies Inc. recently introduced new extended bandwidth versions of its IntegraSpec XL, XLP, and NIR Analyzer product families. Based on an NIR spectrometer platform with a tunable laser-based light source, integrated wavelength and amplitude references, and detector, IntegraSpec products address a broad range of NIR spectroscopic process applications, monitoring vapor, liquids, and solids. Configured as rugged, maintenance-free systems, IntegraSpec products are readily integrated into the process stream.

IntegraSpec micro-spectrometer products are now available with near infrared wavelength range options that extend from 1350 to 1970 nanometers. In addition to measuring the O-H, N-H, and C-H 1st overtones, the IntegraSpec product line now addresses the O-H combination region and the C-O 2 nd overtone. This provides greater flexibility in deploying NIR spectroscopic systems to control industrial processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, oil refinery operations, as well as food, beverage and agriculture processing.

The IntegraSpec XL and XLP board-level platform products are packaged, supplied, and installed through analytical instrument manufacturers, systems integrators, and process-control suppliers. The IntegraSpec XLP includes a comprehensive set of documentation for our solutions partners to support pharmaceutical manufacturers’ GMP regulatory compliance. NIR Analyzer products and sampling accessories with the expanded wavelength range are also available for rapid transition from application development in the laboratory to production process spectrometers on the same IntegraSpec platform.