EnVision Instruments, LLC

July 28, 2005
Spectrophotometer Transmits Wirelessly
The PurSpec spectrophotometer is a revolutionary device for purification processes and PAT initiative applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. This device includes a complete ultraviolet spectrophotometer bench coupled with a variable optical pathlength flowcell design. This sensor technology is operated by a unique integral transmitter design that communicates by either Foundation fieldbus protocol or via a Bluetooth-enabled wireless web browser operator interface. The device is the first in-line UV analyzer to provide a complete NIST-validated calibration of pathlength, wavelength and absorption.The PurSpec optical bench consists of a deuterium lamp and a diode array spectrometer. This allows any wavelength from 200-390nm to be monitored. The PurSpec allows for wavelength changes via software and can also output a full spectral scan. In the Bluetooth version, the two 4-20mA outputs can be configured to any two wavelengths. The flowcell includes a variable optical pathlength (OPL) design. This allows for pathlengths from 0.5 to 10.0 mm with the same flowcell and windows. It also provides greater accuracy of OPL, thereby eliminating additional OPL error inherent in other systems.