Accutech, a division of Adaptive Instruments Corp.

Aug. 3, 2005
New Wireless Instrumentation Handles Hydrostatic Level Measurement
Accutech, a division of Adaptive Instruments Corp., has added a new field unit to its line of industrial wireless instrumentation.The new Wireless Level Field Unit is designed to measure hydrostatic level in a vented tank and is available with an integrated sensor or an extended sensor. In situations where the level measurement point is low to the ground or the tank is surrounded by a containment dike, the extended sensor allows for more advantageous positioning of the wireless transceiver without compromising accuracy. This Field Unit is self-contained, fully wireless, and samples pressure at regular intervals based upon user specification. With a transmission range of up to 10,000 feet using extended range antennas, and a battery life of up to 5 years, these easily installed, FM approved, Class 1, Division 1 Level Field Unit provide measurement and monitoring variables that are often unattainable with wired solutions. The 900 MHz ISM license-free units assure complete security, with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) communications technology.Wireless instrumentation products are more easily installed than traditional instruments, in as little as an hour from start to finish, saving up to 90% of total cost. Further, they can be conveniently integrated into a process operation's existing controls. Data from the units is wirelessly transmitted back to a Base Radio that provides input to the existing plant control system.