Headwall Photonics

Aug. 3, 2005
New Stackable Micro-Spectrometers Produce Spectral Data for Field-based Applications
The Nanospec family of high-performance, compact micro-spectrometers is new from Headwall Photonics. The line includes the Nanospec VIS, Nanospec NIR, and Nanospec SWIR. All three products incorporate the company’s original holographic diffraction gratings and produce spectral data for field-based applications requiring high-resolution and high signal-to-noise characteristics for photometric accuracy. “The Nanospec micro-spectrometers feature unparalleled spectral capabilities which are ideal for OEM integration into handheld diagnostic instruments, environmental monitoring sensors and portable test and measurement instruments for industrial applications,” said Larry Barstow, CEO of Headwall. ”These products can be employed as discrete spectrometers or in combination by utilizing the stackable feature of the product family. The commercialization of the Nanospec product family is derived from the company’s success in manufacturing compact micro-spectrometers for Mars space missions. “A rugged, compact, lightweight design of the instrument was necessary to obtain highly resolved spectral information in the planet’s harsh environment. “This technology is rapidly finding usage in a variety of industries,” Barstow noted. “For instance, with Nanospec, environmental engineers can take advantage of high optical performance in a small, compact package. This is particularly important in diagnosing situations in remote areas where large instruments are simply not practical.” Featuring 4 - to 5-nm spectral resolution and incorporating the flexible design of Headwall’s patented diffraction grating technology, the Nanospec family of products provides multiple detector options for customized application-specific performance at various price points. The initial members of the Nanospec micro-spectrometer family are:
  • Nanospec VIS 350 - 1000 nm
  • Nanospec NIR 900 - 1700 nm
  • Nanospec SWIR 1600 - 2500 nm
About the CompanyHeadwall Photonics leverages its expertise in nanophotonics manufacturing and engineering to produce a portfolio of spectrographs and optical subsystems for OEM customers in the analytical, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company was founded in 2003 after a management buyout of Agilent Technologies’ Holographic Grating Operation, which originally existed as American Holographic prior to 2000. Along with extensive product design capabilities which allow for rapid prototyping and accelerated time to market, Headwall’s products include application-specific Raman instruments, hyperspectral imaging sensors, and custom “all original” holographic diffraction gratings.