Rockwell Automation

Aug. 5, 2005
High Performance Servo Motor Geared Up for Washdown
Life sciences manufacturers can now take advantage of a full washdown capable servo motor with the launch of the Allen Bradley MP-Series stainless steel (MPS) motor from Rockwell Automation. Government regulations in industries such as food, beverage and life sciences specify definitions for “safe” materials that can be used in manufacturing applications. The MPS motor meets these requirements with an easily cleanable design which is in accordance with best practices for food safety requirements. As a result, manufacturers can place the motor closer to the application, saving space and taking advantage of servo motors in areas where the technology had previously not been available.Meeting IP66, IP67 and IP69K standards, the MPS motor is designed to provide superior protection against caustic cleaning chemicals and high-pressure washdowns. The motor’s passivated 300-series stainless steel housing can be cleaned with caustic chemicals without concerns about corrosion or motor damage, and the smooth cylindrical housing is designed to withstand 1200 psi washdowns for water and solid ingress protection.The motor is equipped with a shaft slinger, which protects the shaft seal against direct high-pressure spray and prevents abrasives from damaging the seal. Manufacturers also can install the motor exactly where it’s needed without additional costs, because the shaft slinger protects the shaft seal from high-pressure spraying and foreign material, reducing maintenance and the need for mechanical transmissions and expensive protection guards.Traditional washdown applications use mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power transmissions while standard servo motors need to be encased in costly housings. The MP-Series stainless steel motor, however, can be applied on the machine exactly where it is needed, eliminating housings and extra parts such as chains, gears, and bearings. The reduction in parts allows machine builders to optimize their machine configuration.The MPS motor is a part of the Kinetix Integrated Motion solution, which combines Allen-Bradley motors, servo drives, controllers and other technologies into a seamless motion control solution. With the introduction of the MPS motors, Kinetix solutions can be applied to a greater range of applications, even those that involve close contact with food and beverage processing. The MPS stainless steel motors are available in three frame sizes (100 mm, 130 mm and 165 mm), and provide peak torque from 11.1 to 67.8 Nm (98-600 lb.-in.). To help simplify installation, the motors feature factory-sealed flying leads, eliminating the need to open the motor to make connections. The sealed flying leads also enhance the motor’s washdown protection capabilities.