Aug. 10, 2005
Hybrid Controller with Redundancy Capability
Honeywell today announced that its HC900 Hybrid Controller now has redundancy capability allowing process manufacturers to continue operations in the event of a controller failure. HC900 cost-effectively automates small- to medium-sized process equipment, either stand-alone or with open Ethernet Modbus/TCP connectivity. It can be applied in a variety of applications due to a common platform that can be used for both redundant and non-redundant controllers. With HC900, process manufacturers can reduce inventory, decrease the need for operator training and increase uptime.“Process interruptions and production delays can waste precious time and money and hinder manufacturers’ ability to meet financial targets,” said DonnaLee Scaggs, vice president of the Industrial Measurement and Control division of Honeywell Process Solutions. “The new hybrid controller is designed to help process manufacturers avoid those pitfalls and achieve their operational objectives. In addition to offering more uptime, the controller offers assurance that processes are running smoothly.”The HC900 redundancy feature provides redundant controllers for seamless failover under fault conditions. Two redundant CPUs operate in a separately mounted controller rack, each with an independent power supply. The Lead CPU handles all control functions and host communications during operation. The reserve CPU will take over control if the lead CPU fails.Redundant networks for host communications are provided on the CPUs. Both network ports are continuously active on the lead controller. The network ports on the reserve CPU become active when the CPU assumes control. A PC-based OPC server is available to support redundant Ethernet communications and automatic communications transfer.A second (redundant) power supply also can be added to each HC900 I/O rack. Visual indication is provided on the status of both power supplies. The HC900 blends process, logic and sequence control algorithms combined with data acquisition, and includes a modular design and a graphical configuration tool. The easy-to-use Windows-based tool graphically configures the controller and optional Type 4X local plant floor Operator Interface, saving configuration time and money. The run-mode configuration edit and monitoring functions minimize process interruption and foster continuous process improvement.The HC900 controller is useful in a variety of applications, including:
  • Furnace control
  • Turbine monitoring
  • Boiler tube temperature monitoring
  • Crystal growing
  • Wafer processing
  • Fermenters
  • Pasteurizers