Eurotherm, a unit of Invensys plc

Oct. 23, 2004
Freeze-Drying Process Control System Serves Pharma & Biochem
Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for the process control and data acquisition industries, and a unit of Invensys plc, has introduced a process control system specifically designed for the freeze-drying process using the T800 Visual Supervisor. The freeze-drying process is used in regulated industries and extracts dry product from an aqueous solution. The T800 Visual Supervisor controls all facets of this slow batch process.Some freeze-drying processes require validation from the FDA, EMEA and others. Eurotherm offers the industry a single-unit solution that has been tested and used in validated applications. A published paper outlines the freeze-drying process by explaining control and sequencing, recipes, batch control and reporting, setpoint programming, bespoke displays, alarm management and 21 CFR Part 11. For a copy of the paper, contact Eurotherm at (703) 669-1324 or email: [email protected].

Screen shot of Eurotherm's T800 Visual Supervisor in action, monitoring a freeze-drying process.