Prime Technologies, Inc.

Sept. 1, 2005
ProCalV5 User Group Provides Info. Exchange
Prime Technologies, Inc. has established a user group for customers of its ProCalV5 line of calibration software. The user group will be served through a variety of vehicles for the purpose of information exchange and shared experience, as well as for insights and assistance with compliance management issues.“Our goal is to offer the most user friendly calibration software that we can,” explains Nick Volpone, president of Prime Technologies, Inc. “We think that this group will provide the kind of interaction necessary to maintain a superior calibration product, as well as sharing experiences, information exchange, assistance with compliance management and enhanced productivity through optimal use of the ProCalV5 system.Group VehiclesThe new ProCalV5 User Group offers a full compliment of communication vehicles to serve members, including:
  • A user website featuring chat rooms, forums, and Q&A formats regarding product news;

  • A newsletter produced twice a year, to provide new product information, case studies, and other user assistance;

  • An annual meeting of ProCalV5 customers tied to major industry conventions.
Special User WebsiteVisit website at and register for the User Group. Membership is free to ProCalV5 users featuring the following:
  • Chat Rooms –
  • Users can share experiences online with other users;

  • Calibration Q&A –
  • Users can ask Prime Technologies and other users about calibration or metrology practices;

  • Compliance Q&A –
  • Users can ask Prime Technologies and other users about compliance management;

  • News & Announcements –
  • Users can view new updates and announcements about ProCalV5;

  • Member Case Studies –
  • Users can view how other users have implemented ProCalV5;

  • Feedback from Users –
  • Users can post feedback on ProCalV5;

  • Remedies –
  • Users can access revisions and modifications to ProCalV5 software.