Curvaceous Software Ltd.

Sept. 30, 2005
Look, Ma -- No Math!
Curvaceous Software Ltd.’s C:Suite of products is designed to perform multivariate analysis without the use of mathematical equations. The suite is made up of:
  • visualExplorer,
  • a process analysis tool that can be used for data mining, alarm rationalization and Six Sigma.

  • processModeller,
  • a nonlinear, equation-free software package that can calculate precise alarm limits;

  • response-surface Visualizer,
  • designed to simplify complex response surface analysis.
Geometric Process Control (GPC) is the technology upon which all C:Suite products are based. GPC uses geometry to represent n-dimensional objects, rather than being limited to inferior statistical methods. Process safety is substantially enhanced through GPC, winner of the EPSC Award for ‘The Biggest Contribution to Improved Process Safety.’See hundreds of process variables on one graph and build process models without equations in minutes. Curvaceous uses the mathematics of n-dimensional geometry to solve previously intractable problems in process improvement, process operations, data mining and multivariate methods with substantial economic impacts. Benefits include the first ever method to calculate precise and dynamic alarm limits, the first real solution to the PAT requirements in pharmaceuticals and fundamental enhancements to the Six Sigma and Lean Sigma Process Improvement methodologies.
A single graph in C:Suite visualExplorer can include thousands of variables in an easy-to-use display, helping you to gain insight into your process problems.