Edge Dynamics

Oct. 14, 2005
New Analytics Platform Enables Pre-Emptive Business Insight
(Click here to see a full-size version of the above photo)Edge Dynamics 3.0 is a new Channel Commerce Management (CCM) solution from Edge Dynamics, Redwood City, Calif. Release 3.0 doubles the functionality of the Edge Dynamics solution by introducing the first analytics platform and only plug-and-play SAP connector built for CCM, as well as significant enhancements to its continuous scorecarding functionality, transaction dispositioning, and overall performance. This product release has dramatically accelerated Edge Dynamics' momentum and market adoption, with several leading pharmaceutical manufacturers having recently selected Edge Dynamics over other alternatives, including Bristol-Myers Squibb and King Pharmaceuticals.Edge Dynamics' channel commerce management solution delivers continuous in-line transaction analysis capabilities that will provide Bristol-Myers Squibb with improved control and insight into its channel commerce. Additionally, because the Edge Dynamics application captures the history of transaction decisions, Bristol-Myers Squibb will benefit from streamlined procedures for compliance against key regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.Clint Burrus, Executive Vice President of Managed Markets for King Pharmaceuticals, stated, "King previously experienced highly variable inventory levels in our distribution channel. In addition to the inventory management agreements we implemented with our major customers in early 2004, we are taking a proactive approach to apply best practices to monitor these inventory levels through the use of leading technology solutions. By enabling us to continuously analyze and monitor our transactions in real time, the Edge Dynamics Channel Commerce Management solution should provide us better channel visibility and should enable us to more effectively review compliance with our inventory management agreements." Uniquely combining transaction processing with real-time in-line analysis of every inbound transaction and surrounding channel and context data, the Edge Dynamics CCM software currently optimizes more than $60 billion in annual channel volume for pharmaceutical manufacturers, which represents nearly 30 percent of U.S. pharmaceutical channel volume. With Edge Dynamics' solutions, companies can expect to boost revenues by 1 percent and profits by 5 percent. Edge Dynamics provides manufacturers unprecedented control over their channel and supply chain by delivering actionable insight at the point of customer demand, thereby reducing excess inventory, distribution and procurement costs and maximizing financial performance. The Edge Dynamics 3.0 solution delivers new enterprise-class capabilities in five key areas:
  • The first channel commerce management analytics platform with more than 100 pre-built configurable reports and robust capability for ad hoc and trend analysis to anticipate evolving channel commerce dynamics.

  • The only plug-and-play SAP connector with pre-built integration scenarios for specific channel commerce processes such as order management. This SAP-certified connector enables bi-directional data synchronization with contextual data for enhanced analysis.

  • Enhanced continuous scorecarding to help manufacturers more effectively manage all forms of channel agreements including Inventory Management Agreements (IMA) and fee-for-service agreements. This functionality includes more than 50 new scorecarding metrics for performance and compensation.

  • Advanced transaction dispositioning to improve decision making. Key enhancements in this area include a consolidated view for order review and adjustments, pre-built macros for automating repetitive tasks, and a comprehensive audit trail to capture the full history of channel decisions.

  • Performance increases of more than 300 percent ensure that downstream channel data along with other information sources such as IMS and NDC market data, RFID, or point-of-sale data can be included in transaction evaluation.

  • The Edge Dynamics solution is complementary to existing enterprise systems such as ERP, SCM, and CRM and can be deployed in as little as eight weeks.
"With Edge Dynamics 3.0, we are extending our leadership in channel commerce management by providing manufacturers with the insight to anticipate channel commerce activities and respond to them proactively for maximum financial performance," said John McGrory, Edge Dynamics president and CEO. "We continue to experience tremendous market acceptance of our solution to address the key issues of channel control, regulatory compliance, and patient safety in the life sciences industry." Research supports relevanceIn a recent research brief, the Aberdeen Group cited a need for manufacturers to "make real-time pricing and fulfillment decisions — on a line-item-by-line-item and order-by-order basis, taking into account the current and precise state of the network." The report praised Edge Dynamics for developing and deploying a solution that is making a large impact supporting manufacturers with multi-tiered distribution systems that have "traditionally had a very difficult time keeping track of overall channel dynamics." Aberdeen concludes that "Edge Dynamics is establishing a solid record as a leading provider of channel commerce management solutions to optimize channel profitability and reliability," and that "many top pharmaceutical companies are deploying Edge Dynamics solutions to simplify highly complex and strategically important order management processes around new product introduction, channel inventory management, pricing, regulatory compliance, and scorecarding."AMR Research has also identified Edge Dynamics 3.0 as a key enabling technology of what it calls "Demand-Driven Supply Networks" that require manufacturing companies to analyze channel data to maximize inventory control. In a recent research brief, AMR Research stated that "in recent reference calls with pharma companies using Edge Dynamics for supply chain visibility and demand insights, users told the story of how downstream demand insights allowed them to fundamentally change the conflicted distribution relationship between them as manufacturers and the wholesaler distributors. The relationship is now much more collaborative, all due to accurate insights that were accessible in real time for instant decision making in the supply chain. In our own benchmarking process, we've identified this intelligent tradeoff decision making as a characteristic of industry leaders."The Edge Dynamics 3.0 solution includes the CCM platform; the CCM application; a comprehensive set of modules including Order Compliance Automation, Downstream Channel Management, Forecast Gap Detection & Control, Chargeback Reconciliation, Returns Reconciliation, Vendor Managed Inventory, and New Product Introductions; the Continuous Channel Scorecarding capability; and CCM Analytics. Edge Dynamics 3.0 is now available for the Windows, Solaris, and Linux operating systems; pricing is on a per-server basis.