Bruker Optics

Oct. 19, 2005
Microscope Produces High-Quality Raman Spectra on Demanding Samples
The Senterra Raman microscope from Bruker Optics is a full-featured confocal system that can accommodate multiple excitation wavelengths with the highest possible spatial resolution. As the system is based on the Olympus BX51 optical microscope, all the necessary tools for sample visualization and characterization are readily available. Larger samples can also be analyzed by utilizing the integrated fiber optic probe.The Senterra incorporates the patented Automatic Fluorescence Rejection (AFR) method for rejecting fluorescence from many samples. Historically, Raman spectroscopy has been a complimentary tool for sample analysis, because many samples exhibited fluorescence. With the Senterra, sample fluorescence can frequently be eliminated to produce high-quality Raman spectra even on the most demanding samples.Senterra is the first Raman microscope to provide hassle free operation. Sure_Cal automatically calibrates the system to better than 0.1 cm-1 accuracy and precision without the necessity of daily wavelength calibrations. The detector, grating, and filters are automatically positioned in seconds. Video images of the sample are saved with the Raman spectra, so that data can be analyzed quickly and clearly.The Opus software provides an easy to use platform that is compatible with even the most stringent validation environments. Opus is a fully integrated "all-in-one" software package that allows data acquisition, manipulation and evaluation in one intuitive package.