GE Fanuc Automation

Nov. 3, 2005
Batch Management Software Speeds Implementation, Improves Analysis
Click here for a larger version of the above image.GE Fanuc Automation has introduced its new Proficy Batch Version 5.0 software, which delivers complete data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualization and powerful supervisory control capabilities. Batch Version 5.0 has been optimized to boost production efficiency, increase return on investment (ROI) and improve batch manufacturers’ ability to meet regulatory demands.Part of the Proficy Automation and Production software family, Proficy Batch Version 5.0 introduces new features such as “Batch Direct” to speed implementation and reduce costs. In addition, the software features improved analysis capabilities to increase batch quality, OPC 2.0 support for quicker connectivity, and Local Regional Support (LRS) and Multi-Language Support (MLS) reinforcing its capability to deliver global solutions.The new Batch Direct functionality featured in Proficy Batch Version 5.0 provides a more intuitive interface between the Batch Execution System (BES) and the phase/equipment logic that is located in controllers. This new interface offers a flexible and customizable approach to implement batch functionality with existing control systems without the burden of reprogramming the complex control logic. Furthermore, Batch Direct allows the implementation of standard Programming Logic Interface (PLI) functionality alongside simpler phases to reduce implementation complexity and costs.With enhanced batch analysis capabilities, Proficy Batch Version 5.0 can help users increase quality and consistency of operations while reducing variability in processes. Users can now compare cycle times, parameters, variables and other relevant data in context; report and summarize batch data in support of improvement initiatives; produce trend-related parameters across batches; and understand and control process variation providing the critical tools to enable better batch process quality.Similar to Batch Direct, the new analysis capabilities in Proficy Batch Version 5.0 also can lower costs by leveraging a user’s existing systems and infrastructure to drive improvements. Standard interfaces ease implementation and speed return. The system also combines quality, production tracking and other core manufacturing functions with batch operations to provide a more complete view of plant operations.Other new features of Proficy Batch Version 5.0 include:
  • OPC 2.0, which helps users conform to the latest industry communication standards and connect to multiple systems easily and quickly;

  • Local Regional Support (LRS) and Multi-Language Support (MLS) which allows implementation of batch software solution in a local language and across various Microsoft Windows operating systems for international installations allowing end users to implement software across global facilities — easing operator training and supporting worldwide plant initiatives;

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, which offers improved security and helps users maintain the latest Microsoft standards; and

  • Enhanced application performance and common key licensing support for current Proficy users.