Phoenix Contact Inc.

Nov. 18, 2005
Embedded Controllers Unite Best of PLC, PC Arenas
Above: The S-Max 50xx VLC.Click here for larger image.Phoenix Contact introduces two new embedded controller platforms, the S-Max 50xx VLC and ILC 350 VLC. The products provide powerful control features and easy Steeplechase VLC flow-chart programming for low-cost control applications.The development of the new Phoenix Contact S-Max VLC and ILC 350 VLC was focused around the idea to combine the best of the PLC world with the best of the PC world. They combine secure PLC control functions with PC-based performance, capacity and connectivity options to a degree not available in the marketplace before. The new version 7.0 of the industry-proven Steeplechase VLC offers sub-millisecond logic scans and intuitive flow chart programming that accelerates design, installation, and system launch. HMI software options for the S-MAX and the industrial PCs include Citect HMI or Iconics MachineWorX.For applications requiring local I/O expansion options, the new blind-node ILC 350 VLC offers direct connection to Phoenix Contact’s modular Inline I/O system. The integrated Ethernet port supports multiple protocols such as Modbus TCP. The master capability allows for the easy design of Ethernet-based I/O solutions.The S-Max 50xx VLC goes a step further and combines the functions of a PLC and a color touch screen operator panel in one compact and powerful unit. This allows easy programming of complex control tasks and user friendly display of color graphics and machine information. The S-Max 50xx VLC is available in 6”, 12” and 15” TFT color touch screen sizes. A blind-node version is also available that offers connection for an external display via the integrated VGA port.The S-MAX 50xx VLC offers fieldbus connection to Devicenet, Profibus or Interbus. The integrated Ethernet ports allow the connection of Ethernet-based I/O via the Modbus TCP protocol. User programs are stored on the integrated CF Flash card increasing the ruggedness of the units. The fully integrated and pre-installed control and HMI software gives the user the reliability of a traditional PLC with the increased performance and memory that can only be found with PC-based control solutions.For demanding high-end applications requiring even more processing power or customized software options, Phoenix Contact offers bundled control systems designed around the new Celeron M and Pentium M-based industrial PCs.The use of one common control software allows for a scalable line of controllers, from low-cost, blind-node versions to high-performance industrial PCs. This enables users to pick the right performance class and components for their application without the need to learn and maintain multiple control software packages.