Mikron Infrared

Nov. 21, 2005
Process Monitoring IR Camera Handles Multiple Wavelengths, Temperature Bands
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A technology "first" in versatility and low cost, the new Mikron M7500 infrared camera is configurable for midwave or longwave imaging and four different temperature bands, for a fraction of the cost of cryogenically cooled midwave IR cameras. The M7500 is unique in uncooled microbolometer cameras. Mikron's patent-pending "spectral tuning" technology enables the M7500 to image in the midwave bands of 3.9 microns (furnaces and boilers through flames) and 4.8-5.2 microns (for glass), in a temperature range of 400°C-1600°C. Savings of $50,000 and more are possible over cryogenically cooled midwave cameras, along with reduced maintenance costs. For widest process monitoring flexibility, the M7500 features two standard temperature ranges of -40°C 120°C and 0°C 500°C in 8-14 micron long-wave mode, superb for typical thermal monitoring applications, being unaffected by sunlight or factory lighting. It provides temperature measurement accuracy of ±2°C for a broad range of applications. The M7500 uses an advanced VOX microbolometer detector that provides 320 x 240 resolution in an economy-priced camera – the most pixels for the money. The detector has 76,800 temperature-measuring pixels, four times that of a standard 160x120 detector. This yields superior images, free of pixelating, with temperature measurement resolution as fine as one-tenth of a square inch at six feet.Engineered for adverse conditions, the M7500 features advanced maintenance-free electronics, industrial protective packaging and a wide array of protective accessories. 100Base T Ethernet enables fast, real-time data transfer on plant networks and avoids cable-length restrictions with Firewire, giving complete flexibility in mounting the camera. The M7500 can be utilized with Mikron's MikroSpec R/T software for real-time thermal data acquisition and analysis. The software can capture and display single images or 30 Hz video sequences with up to 32 user-defined regions of interest on them, each with min/max alarm setpoints, configured to generate software and digital output alarms. The software provides extensive analysis capabilities, including histograms of thermal data, 3D displays to show temperature in the Z axis, time vs. temperature graphs, isotherm overlays for a visual representation of temperature breakdown, multiple color palettes and others. Export formats include Excel, ASCII and AVI video formats.The M7500 comes standard with NEMA 4 (IP67) housing rated for ambient temperatures of -15°C to 50°C. An optional high-temperature protective housing raises exposure rating to 100°C. Compact design – just 3.25"x 3.25" x 6" (82 x 82 x 152 mm) in size and 2.6 lbs. in weight (excluding high-temp housing) – enhances application flexibility and installation ease.