Ocean Optics

Jan. 24, 2006
New Raman Spectrometer Incorporates Computational Sensor Technology
Ocean Optics, a world leader in providing spectroscopy solutions, together with Centice Corp., a pioneer in next-generation sensor technology, jointly announced an agreement Jan. 23 under which Ocean Optics will add to its spectroscopy portfolio through the co-branding and distribution of Centice's MMS-based Raman spectrometer system. Centice's patent-pending MMS (Multimodal Multiplex Spectroscopy) technology uses a coded wide-area aperture, instead of the conventional pin-hole or slit entrance, to sample and mathematically process up to 500 measurement channels at once. More channels mean more signal without a proportional increase in noise. "The optical-sensing market is always looking for better ways to measure weak, scattering and diffuse sources with the highest possible sensitivity," said Mike Morris, president of Ocean Optics. "The Centice MMS technology is the sort of novel, high performance and affordable technology that makes high-sensitivity Raman spectroscopy more accessible to a wider range of users." "Ocean Optics is known as the premiere supplier of innovative solutions for molecular spectroscopy, so it is a real testament to this new technology that they are distributing it within their award-winning product portfolio. Through Ocean Optics, Centice products now have global reach and support," said Steve Kaye, president and CEO of Centice. "Our MMS technology is going to change what people expect from an optical sensor because it offers 10-100x higher optical throughput without affecting the resolution of the measurement. This is a new paradigm for spectroscopy and will enable researchers and industry to address a broader set of new applications." Ocean Optics will distribute the MMS-based product family, consisting of two spectrometer models. These will be on display at Pittcon (Booth #5071), Mar. 13-16 in Orlando, Fla. The MMS Spectrometer’s unique combination of resolving power, spectral range and flexibility make it an ideal system for the routine analysis of many types of liquids and solids. Key applications include incoming material inspection, identification of unknown materials and the quantitative analysis of intermediates and final products.All experimental and parameter set-up options are computer controlled for increased ease of use, reliability and speed. The spectrometer's removable sample compartment is integrated into the optical path, avoiding inefficiencies associated with remote compartments. Sample positioning is rapid and precise using the external z-axis alignment control knob.Centice Corp. contact info.:4020 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 115Durham, NC 27703 tel: 919-405-4264 fax: 919-405-4268 www.centice.com.