Rosemount Analytical, div. of Emerson Process Management

Jan. 25, 2006
Transmitter Gains Foundation Fieldbus, Multilingual Display
Emerson Process Management announces the latest release of the Rosemount Analytical Model Xmt two-wire transmitter for liquid analysis.Plants using Rosemount Analytical sensors to measure pH, conductivity or amperometric measurements such as dissolved oxygen, chlorine and ozone, can now enjoy the operational and maintenance efficiencies of PlantWeb digital plant architecture when connected to the AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software. Diagnostics continuously monitor sensor performance and allow remote warning of potential or imminent failure, thereby optimizing predictive maintenance and reducing costs.The Foundation fieldbus capability now incorporated within the Xmt unit includes hazardous area intrinsic safety approvals, from FM, CSA and ATEX. An agency-approved variant of Foundation fieldbus called FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe COncept) is also available with Model Xmt. FISCO compliance enables more power in each fieldbus segment, allowing the connection of additional devices in the hazardous area. Advantages to the plant engineer include a simplified installation, and less documentation needed to show the safety of the installation. The low power requirements of the Xmt Foundation fieldbus and FISCO versions also reduce the plant power budget for continuous measurement.Further simplifying installation and plant documentation, the Model Xmt menu screens can be operated in any of the six languages included in every instrument: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. This includes plain language prompts to guide the user through all programming and calibration procedures, reducing the on-site training requirements.To better secure the device against unwanted reprogramming and calibration which can be disruptive to plant process monitoring, Model Xmt implements security code access to limit operation to selected personnel, as needed.The Model Xmt has an IP65 specification and is available in panel or surface mount configurations, or can be installed using a pipe mounting bracket accessory. Each version of the Xmt analyzer can be field configured to suit plant preferences for measurement display (for example pH, ORP or Redox with Model Xmt-P). Rosemount Analytical contacting or toroidal conductivity sensors can also be coupled to the transmitter, enabling complete coverage of water purity and solution concentration measurements.