CDI Pharma

March 1, 2006
Instrument Maker Adds Pharma-Focused Unit

Control Development, an instrument and sensor maker with a 15-year history of innovation in dynamic process analysis, has formed a division to serve the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Called CDI Pharma, the new division made its first public appearance at IFPAC 2006, in Arlington, Va.

CDI Pharma products include a wireless-transmitting NIR blend-uniformity monitor designed for PAT applications (pictured above). Already in use at seven pharmaceutical sites, the monitor includes a contaminant-resistant probe with very high optical efficiency. The division’s software suite couples its PharmaSpek 21 CFR 11-compliant core with interactive modules tailored for specific blender, granulator and dryer interface requirements.

CDI Pharma has trained its staff to professional pharmaceutical standards, instituted GMP-compatible qualification packages and instituted audit-ready software support programs. According to company president Terry Kinney, “We believe that the needs of the pharmaceutical industry are best served by thorough understanding of its regulations and unique operations. To be ‘good citizens’ in that industry, we decided to invest in a climate of dedicated pharma support.”