VarTech Systems Inc.

March 30, 2006
Integrated PC Terminal Sealed to Survive Wash-Down

VarTech Systems has introduced the VTPC150SE all-in-one monitor and computer. This completely sealed system can survive in the harshest wash-down environments.

The VTPC150SE is a completely sealed low-power consumption computer terminal. The stainless steel case is ideally suited for wash-down or dusty/dirty industrial environments. The base configuration is equipped with a color LCD screen 24-bit color TFT 15-inch resistive touch screen (1024 x 768 XGA) and a VIA Eden 800 MHZ processor. A Teflon tip pen is available to point precisely on the touch screen. As an option, a WiFi 802.11b RF network interface can be ordered.

VarTech has also released a versatile and affordable computer designed for industrial environments that are not subject to wash-down. The VTPC150XPE is a ventilated terminal with a VIA Eden 800 MHz processor and Color LCD screen TFT 15-inch resistive touch screen. This dustproof anodic aluminum case resists most industrial environments. A tilt stand that can be wall- or desktop-mounted is included. Many ports are available to connect peripherals such as industrial keyboard, barcode reader, proximity reader, etc.

Both computers feature a flash drive that comes complete with Microsoft Windows XP embedded operating system and is designed with built-in security features that protect the flash drive from deletions and modifications to the operating system. The terminal can be configured with three serial ports (optional), two USB ports, and one Ethernet port (10/100 Base T).