March 31, 2006
PAT-Ready Microfluidizer Processors On Tap for Production

Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MFIC Corp., introduces Process Analytical Technology (PAT)-Ready options for its production level M-700 series Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors (pictured above).

The PAT-ready options for the M-700 series include SCADA and DCS industry standard technology for data acquisition and process control. With these options, pharmaceutical manufacturers can incorporate Microfluidizer processors into their product manufacturing lines while monitoring variables of flow, pressure and temperature within a closed-loop control environment.

PAT-Ready options are also available with a constant pressure option, which utilizes intelligent built-in pump position transducers that automatically adapt to changing requirements and maintain constant process pressure. This full digital control of the dual synchronous high-pressure intensifier pumps ensures that the product flows at constant pressure and velocity through the interaction chambers. This control eliminates pressure spikes, provides extremely uniform processing, and permits the M-700 system to operate more quietly and efficiently.

The M-700 PAT-Ready and constant pressure option will be available for sale worldwide, and is CE/ATEX compliant. M-700 series processors offer a wide range of pharmaceutical capabilities, with pressures of up to 40,000 psi and a variety of options including clean-in-place, steam-in-place, full processing isolation and full automation.