Omron Electronics LLC

April 7, 2006
HMI Series Integrates Control, Display, Open I/O Network

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As part of its commitment to continuous improvement of plant floor automation, Omron recently introduced the new NSJ series HMI controllers, which integrate two of the company’s proven products — the NS HMI and the CJ1 PLC — in a single flexible, cost-effective HMI controller. The NSJ series eliminates the need for and cost of separate display and controller hardware and the wiring and labor needed to connect them.

With true deterministic control, all NSJ HMIs have separate but integrated processors for display and control tasks, so control response is never compromised due to heavy graphics demands. Display screens range in size from 5.7 inches to 12.1 inches, and in resolution from 320 x 240 to 800 x 600. The NSJ features include built-in Ethernet, USB and serial programming ports and printer ports. Networking and I/O expansion options are also available.

All NSJ HMI controllers also feature a built-in DeviceNet master that reduces I/O wiring to a single open network cable. A single software tool, Omron’s CX-One, provides program development for both the display and control functions using function blocks and Omron’s patented Smart Active Parts libraries for quick and easy programming. Smart Active Parts are pre-designed screens and components that drag-and-drop from a library and can communicate directly with a wide variety of control devices. Smart Active Parts feature commonly required functionality as standard, eliminating the need for costly programming. Using CX-One, new applications can be developed in minutes.

The new NSJ HMI controllers are ideal for applications where control and display functions are being used together, and where control panel space is at a premium.

NSJ series HMI controllers are currently available from stock and range in price from $3,200 to $4,575, depending on display screen size, resolution and control features.