Mettler-Toledo Thornton

April 14, 2006
System Suitability Standards Make Sensor USP-Compliant

System suitability testing is a critical requirement in qualifying instruments used for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measurements in pharmaceutical applications. The new System Suitability Standards Set from Mettler-Toledo Thornton provides the reference standard solutions necessary to perform testing for the 5000TOC Sensor in conformance with USP (643) and EP 2.2.44 for System Suitability Testing.

The System Suitability Standards Set is packaged in 500 mL containers and includes one bottle of 500 ppb p-Benzoquinone, one bottle of 500 ppb Sucrose and two bottles of Reagent Water. Mettler-Toledo Thornton uses only USP Reference Standards, thereby assuring consistent quality and compliance. Reference certificates are provided for documentation support.