Rosetta Biosoftware and Sage-N Research, Inc.

May 15, 2006
Software Firms Co-create Proteomics Informatics Environment

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Rosetta Biosoftware and Sage-N Research, Inc. recently announced a collaboration to establish interoperability between Rosetta Biosoftware's Elucidator system for protein expression analysis and biomarker discovery (pictured above) and Sage-N Research's Sorcerer proteomic integrated data appliance (pictured below) to offer customers an advanced solution for protein expression research and protein identification.

The Rosetta Elucidator system is a flexible, scalable solution for managing and analyzing large volumes of proteomics data. It includes raw data management, the PeakTeller processing module to identify differentially-expressed proteins, and analysis at the peptide and protein level, enabling researchers to generate a list of candidate biomarkers from mass spectrometry data. The Sorcerer integrated data appliance from Sage-N Research is a compact analysis system that provides processing throughput for protein identification using patent-pending Pattern Match Accelerator hardware and systems technology.

"We are pleased to provide our mutual customers with automation and flexibility that will significantly increase productivity for protein biomarker discovery," said Yelena Shevelenko, vice president and general manager of Seattle, Wash.-based Rosetta Biosoftware. "By combining the Elucidator system's power to identify differentially-expressed proteins with the Sorcerer system's high throughput, high resolution sequence searching capabilities, we are offering our customers increased throughput through automation and more time to focus on relevant scientific issues instead of validating protein search results."

"Sage-N Research and Rosetta Biosoftware share the vision of high-throughput, easy-to-use proteomic data analysis solutions," remarked David Chiang, C.E.O. and chairman of San Jose, Calif.-based Sage-N Research. "By combining the capabilities of these two products that are leaders in their own arenas, we offer the scientist a powerful and comprehensive environment for MS-MS based proteomic data analysis."

The benefits of the integration are immediately available to joint customers of the Sorcerer and Elucidator systems. Sage-N Research and Rosetta Biosoftware also intend to collaborate in supporting the combined solution for customers.

About the Sorcerer Integrated Data Appliance

Sorcerer 2 Integrated Data Appliance.

The Sorcerer integrated data appliance (IDA, at right) is a compact analysis system that sets up in minutes, and requires no software installation or IT administration. Using patent-pending Pattern Match Accelerator hardware and systems technology, it offers processing throughput for protein identification that otherwise might require hundreds of compute nodes.

The new, second-generation Sorcerer 2 IDA is the first product of its kind for proteomics. It combines a platform for the major data analysis applications used by proteomics researchers together with accelerated algorithms for protein identification and a built-in 1.5 Terabyte repository for analysis results. The Sorcerer IDA is uniquely effective for serving the data analysis needs of multiple users of a proteomics laboratory and archiving all their results.

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About the Rosetta Elucidator System

The Rosetta Elucidator Protein Expression Data Analysis system, with capabilities to support mass-spectrometry-based, protein biomarker discovery, is a complete solution for organizations involved in protein expression research. The system includes raw data management, LC/MS data processing for quantitative and differential analysis, protein identification and high-level analysis at the peptide and protein level.

The Elucidator system's advanced data management capabilities allow users to effectively organize, search for and retrieve raw and processed protein expression data. The application serves as a core integrator for proteomics research by working directly with select instrument APIs, sample annotation systems and common protein ID search engines. Additionally, the system enables users to integrate proteomics data with gene expression, metabolite, and clinical data to find biomarkers and make conclusions at the systems biology level. The Elucidator system is built on Rosetta Biosoftware's stable informatics platform, which combines a powerful relational database with sophisticated search, analysis, data visualization, and collaboration tools.

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