MKS Instruments, HPS Products

April 20, 2006
Filter Housing Heaters Offer Cost-Effective Option

MKS Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Series 46 Filter Housing Heaters for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. A cost-effective alternative to traditional steam-jacketed solutions, the Series 46 heaters eliminate the need for steam lines and reduce long maintenance times, significantly lowering cost of ownership, while complying with strict safety regulations. The built-in thermocouple and microprocessor provide tight temperature control and uniformity, eliminating condensation and cold spots.

The heater incorporates a built-in thermal fuse and a resettable thermostat, offering redundant over-temperature protection. A normally open, low temperature alert (LTA) thermal switch closes as the heater approaches operating temperature, and an optional LTA Monitor indicates if the heater temperature falls below the set operating temperature via an LED and a relay output. The alarm signal can be connected to the customer's in-house equipment control system for remote notification. An inline controller uses LEDs to provide local confirmation of proper system operation and eliminates the need for a separate control box.

Available in 5", 10", 20" and 30" sizes, the Series 46 single round heater has a temperature set point of 95 °C. The molded silicone design conforms to the filter housing, maximizing contact and reducing heat loss, and snap-on installation allows quick removal for wash down. MKS Series 46 Filter Housing Heaters are UL listed and CE marked for electrical and thermal safety. Custom heaters are available upon request.