Mettler-Toledo Thornton

Feb. 21, 2006
Sensor Monitors Organic Contaminants in Water

Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces the availability of the 5000TOC Total Organic Carbon Sensor designed for the detection of organic contamination in pharmaceutical water. The 5000TOC Sensor provides continuous, on-line monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) while fulfilling the instrumentation performance criteria for TOC as described in United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Up to two 5000TOC Sensors can be connected to the 770MAX Multiparameter Analyzer Transmitter, which also measures conductivity/resistivity, TOC, dissolved oxygen, flowrate, pH, ORP, temperature, tank level and pressure. This new sensor features low detection limits, a wide dynamic range and a NEMA 4X rating.  There are no moving parts in this sensor, resulting in minimal routine maintenance and service intervals. It also meets USP <634>, <645> and EP 2.2.44 requirements.