Thermo Electron Corp.

April 27, 2006
NIR Analyzer Tackles Blending Processes in Real Time

Thermo Electron Corp. has added a new product to its portfolio of Antaris near-infrared (NIR) analyzers. The Antaris Target Blend Analyzer is dedicated to the real-time analysis of pharmaceutical blending processes. Offering a new spectroscopic analysis technology designed specifically for the control of blend uniformity in real time, this novel analyzer was developed from the ground up in partnership with one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies.

Utilizing MEMS technology, Thermo's landmark Antaris Target achieves best-of-class performance, repeatability, and reliability for formulation development, process development, and production scale use in solid dosage form manufacturing. The analyzer provides the potential to improve consistency and yields in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing lines through real-time measurement, eliminating the need for thieving and laboratory testing.

Thermo's new Antaris Target Series analyzers are equipped with the Result software platform for process analysis and measurement automation and the ValPro regulatory qualification package. The Antaris Target Series shares a software, qualification, and data platform with the complete line of Antaris II, Antaris MX and EX near-infrared process analyzers.

Extremely user-friendly, the one-piece design of the Antaris Target Series allows it to be easily moved from blender to blender and used on any size pharmaceutical blender bin, from laboratory scale to production scale. This analyzer achieves high-resolution measurements for accurate endpoint determination and concentration measurements using switch-free automatic data acquisition. The Antaris Target Blend Analyzer features illumination, a washable NEMA 4X housing, wireless data transmission, fast installation, and rechargeable battery power. In addition, the instruments are available with the longest warranty available in the industry, according to the company.