FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

May 4, 2006
NIR Analyzer Measures Tablets, Solids and Liquids

Foss has introduced the XDS MasterLab, the latest dedicated analytical solution featuring XDS near-infrared (NIR) technology for rapid non-destructive measurements of tablets, solids and liquids.

The XDS MasterLab features automated, unattended reflectance or transmission analysis of a tray of multiple tablets or vials. Simply load the tray, insert it into the XDS MasterLab, and let the movable (X-Y) sampling mechanism properly position and analyze each tablet/vial. An integrated variable spot-size feature enables the sample illumination to be adjusted based on the diameter of the tablets/vials being used. The sample centering iris is provided for single sample analysis, while the optional coarse granular cell extends analysis to virtually any solid form from fine powders to coarse granular materials, pellet and flakes.

For automated sampling, but without transmission for tablets, Foss has introduced the XDS MultiVial Analyzer. A XDS Rapid Content Analyzer can be upgraded to a MasterLab or MultiVial Analyzer.