Synthis Corp.

May 15, 2006
Portal Solution Enables Manufacturers to Manage Content Lifecycle, Enhance Lean and Six Sigma Initiatives

Synthis Corp., a provider of process-focused knowledge management solutions, announced May 15 it has rolled out the Synthis Portal Server, a portal application which allows enterprises to provide employees and business partners customized views of centrally managed business process definitions and related content.

With Synthis Portal Server, manufacturers can improve collaboration between production and extended supply chains, optimize supply chain efficiencies and enhance their manufacturing initiatives.

Synthis Portal Server enables companies to create a secured customized portal for a specific group of users to access approved policies and procedures, relevant production and product information, or content specific to their roles. Authorized users can access this information anytime and anywhere, via a standard web browser.

The product's pre-defined and customizable templates allow portals to be set up in any location in as little as 15 minutes without time-consuming programming, according to the company. There is no administration required since maintenance activities like permission management, revision and version control, search indexing and other administrative functions are performed directly within the Synthis Process Server Repository.

"As the need to exchange business information with customers and suppliers increases, organizations are recognizing that the most practical way to automate information exchange for all business processes and business partners is through a centrally managed repository that requires no custom programming to implement," said Randy Keith, CEO of Synthis. "Our solution provides on demand access to shared content across multiple portals, as well as content specific to internal groups and authorized third-parties."

Synthis Portal Server is an optional add-on to the Synthis Process Server (pictured above) Repository. Pricing for the core Process Server Repository starts at $50,000. Pricing for the new Portal Server add-on starts at $10,000.