Burns Engineering

July 28, 2006
Sanitary Sensors Standardized to Simplify Selection

Burns Engineering announces the introduction of the S Series Sanitary Sensor line and accompanying brochure complete with an application and product selection guide. By standardizing the sanitary product line, Burns Engineering has made it easier for users to configure and order all of their sanitary temperature products from one source. This also eliminates the confusion normally associated with sensor and sheath length calculations. Another benefit is the reduction in lead times on these products.

“With the release of the S Series sanitary catalog, we have taken the calculations and guesswork out of determining process sheath length,” said Stefan Tudor, Burns Engineering Director of Sales. “In the past, users had to determine instrument lengths themselves, but these were often miscalculated. With the release of the S series catalog, we have introduced an easy to understand table to determine the correct sheath length for a particular application.”

Burns Engineering developed the Series S as highly accurate and reliable temperature sensors for applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and food and beverage markets. The Series S is available in a variety of configurations for both direct and thermowell immersion, as well as an in-line non-intrusive version for small diameter lines. A wide selection of connection head and sensor connection options is also available to allow easy removal for cleaning operations.