BiODE Inc.

July 28, 2006
Obtain Real-Time, In-Process Viscosity Measurements

The ViSmart solid state viscometer from BiODE is designed to provide either discrete sample or continuous, real-time, in-process viscosity measurements. Sample sizes can also be as small as 120µl and the nature of the flow does not impact the data acquired. BiODE’s viscosity measurement technology employs no moving parts, resulting in more cost-effective operations and less time spent on taking measurements.

Of particular importance to process engineers is the display of relative viscosity, which eliminates considerations of the viscosity/density inter-dependence, thereby allowing simple, comparative measurements to upper and lower control limits. The ViSmart is factory-calibrated (no calibration required by users) to measure the viscosity of your fluid processes.

The ViSmart can also be integrated to any host OEM system platform, providing flexibility and scalability at a user-friendly price points. The viscometers can be completely immersed in fluids, do not require customer calibration, are immune to flow conditions and vibration and are designed for flexibility in challenging manufacturing environments. Various custom options are available.