Synergy 3000 SPC Software for Quality Monitoring and Process Control

Aug. 22, 2006

Zontec Inc. has announced the release of Synergy 3000 Statistical Process Control software. The Software has been developed using Microsoft’s .Net computing platform. The .Net framework gives Synergy 3000 users the flexibility in hosting SPC application. It can run as a traditional Windows XP or Vista desktop application or hosted within any popular Web browser.

Synergy 3000 represents the SPC software for businesses whose IT direction demands browser-based interactivity and relational database technology. Regardless of user’s physical location its web capability enables the monitoring of process conditions.  

Mobile Quality Managers, Quality or Process Engineers and Plant Managers can observe production status in real time they can solve problems or analyze data from mutiple locations by logging on to their company's Web server. An unlimited number of processes can be monitored simultaneously for a global picture of the organization's quality.

The data access component of .NET gives Zontec a much more highly evolved and efficient data-handling model than offered by ODBC technology.  Database Administrators notice that their facilities for interacting with a relational database are simpler, more transparent and have been optimized and tuned for higher performance.

Synergy 3000 accepts data manually or automatically from gages, measurement equipment, CMMs, PLCs, and other plant information systems. The built-in serial/USB hardware interface is straightforward and uncomplicated for rapid connectivity.