Werum Software & Systems America, Inc.

Nov. 28, 2006
New MES Software Supports Mobile Devices

Werum Software & Systems America, Inc., a supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has launched new versions of its PAS-X Pharma and PAS-X Biotech product lines. Designated PAS-X Pharma V2.3 and PAS-X Biotech V2.2, the updated software suites include a number of improvements and attractive new features.

The user prompts for both PAS-X Pharma V2.3 and PAS-X Biotech V2.2 have been further optimized, now providing new dialogs and an up-to-date user interface that promotes the use of work centers. Users receive additional support in integrating and using mobile devicec, making PAS-X functions available on pocket PC or PDA bases through the use of Windows Mobile 5.0 (operating system Windows CE.NET).

Both product lines migrate to database Oracle 10g, which offers ample enhancements as to scalability, and high levels of availability and administration. In addition, the fail safety of data bases has been further protected with the use of Real Application Cluster (RAC) and DataGuard.

For the application of various PAS-X components, Werum now provides a single sign-on function so that users have to authenticate only once to use all the functions of the product for which they are authorized. In addition to the conventional method, card reader and biometric devices (such as fingerprints) can now be used, making it easier for several users to work in parallel at the same station.

A new PFU Package also offers a bundle of added functions. The extensions and improvements are "real-life" based, developed on the recommendations and suggestions provided by PAS-X users at Werum’s PAS-X User Forum. For example, the package includes a number of new features for the creation and maintenance of recipes (Master Batch Records Management) and the associated approval workflow.

The PAS-X standard package now also includes standard interfaces to analysis tools, offering comprehensive functionalities for the visualization, evaluation, and interpretation of process data. Among these are Discoverant by Aegis Analytical, SAP xMII (Lighthammer), and Qlik View by Qlik Tech. The 2.2 version of PAS-X Biotech now features a standard interface to SCADA systems on an OPC basis (OPC DA). New features are the functions ensuring compliance and streamlining performance. The modular system suite includes components for production planning and scheduling, master batch record management, electronic batch recording, weighing and dispensing, material flow control and tracking, equipment integration, warehouse management, quality management, and performance management based on KPI analysis.