Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Nov. 28, 2006
Timed Automatic Drain Valve Improves System Performance
The W.E. Anderson Series DV Timed Automatic Drain Valve is an automatic drain system designed to eliminate the need to manually drain water and harmful sediments from your compressed air system, thereby improving the system's performance. Can be used on receivers, dryers, tanks, and drop legs for sampling and purging a wide variety of liquids.

The DV Series has a heavy-duty motor for operation under adverse conditions and an adjustable timer to meet specific user requirements. The DV Series' design eliminates major drawbacks of other compressed air draining systems. The valve is brass for corrosion resistance and it is a full-port ball valve giving maximum and unobstructed flow with no clogging. A test button allows for the unit to be cycled at any time. It is mountable in any position for easy plumbing and trouble-free operation.