Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Nov. 28, 2006
Flow Indicators Suit Multiple Applications

FIP Series indicators from Dwyer Instruments are flow rate/totalizer/batch controllers that may be used in almost any flow application involving a pulse signal. They display both flow rate and total on an easy-to-read 7-segment LED display that provides up to 4½ digits of rate display and 6 digits of total display. The pulse input meters accept pulse, open collector, TTL or square wave inputs.

The meters also provide the power to drive the sensor. For applications requiring more than just a display of rate or total, these meters can be equipped with two relays and a 4-20 mA retransmission output.

Other uses for the FIP Series indicators include alarming (based on the flow rate) and simple batch controlling (based on the flow total), as well as applications beyond flow, including programming for alternation.