MasterControl Inc.

Dec. 12, 2006
Software Solution Utilizes Business Rules for Regulated Industries

MasterControl Rules is a new software solution that utilizes business rules to monitor quality events and tasks to help managers of FDA-regulated and ISO-certified companies monitor and solve product or service issues on a real-time basis. Managers can set thresholds for quality events, such as customer complaints or material nonconformances, which will trigger notification to take appropriate action to prevent product recalls and rework.

Rules can be configured based on a company's needs, most commonly the notification rule, which provides a high degree of customization, including frequency, subject line, e-mail text, recipients, etc. Depending on source data selected by a user, triggers can be based on when certain criteria are met, alerting the user to respond as soon as possible.

Users' rules are based on system rights at the administration level, and basic or advanced individual levels. The software can be integrated with other MasterControl applications designed to manage quality processes critical to regulatory compliance.